Gone and Back

A Condensation-Based Ephemeral Interface

This piece was exhibited at RCA Work-in-progress Show 2015 and QCon London 2015. Relevant research paper Gone and Back: Physical Interaction on a Condensation-based Ephemeral Interface was presented at British HCI conference in July, 2015 and published in the ACM Digital Library.

The project explores an experimental research approach in Tangible User Interface (TUI) design through a condensation-based ephemeral interface with digital augmented materiality, tries to gain evidence to support the hypothesis that the physical affordances of such an ephemeral interface to encourage intuitive interaction in user experience.

Inspired by the experience of using our fingers to write graffiti on foggy surfaces, the installation is an attempt to leverage user’s experiences of interacting with real world objects to inform the physical affordance of the interface, therefore supporting intuitive interactions and experiences.


Interacting with the ephemeral interface

When the audience drawing on the glass surface with condensation, the line drawing of the audience is printed out while the graffiti in real life disappears as condensation forms on the surface again.


The audience picks up the printed graffiti

The contents of the drawings would be anaylised using visual methods to investigate the intuitive patterns of the users on this condensation-based ephemeral interface.

Audience's graffiti captured

Audience’s graffiti captured

Solo project. Photo by Xinglin Sun.

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