Perception & Observation

The piece was created in responding to the Wilanow Palace, Warsaw (since 1697) and was exhibited in Nodem EXPO 2014.

The installation aims to twist the audiences’ perception of time by challenging them the way of observing an analogue clock and conduct a mathematical calculation about time rewinding.

Axiom 1 When you observe a clock in the mirror, it goes back.
Axiom 2 When the hour hand goes as fast as the second hand on a clock, the clock goes 720 (12 x 60) times faster than standard clocks.
Deduction When the clock is placed in the front of a mirror, time is projected into two spatial dimensions and the speed of time shall be squared.

24 x 365 x (2014-1697) / (12 x 60)2 ≈ 5.2

Therefore When you enter the palace and look into the mirror, time begin to rewind and when you leave the palace 5.2 hours later, you’ll leave the palace before it even began.

IMG_9553 IMG_9565

Visitors of the palace were given handouts to mark the time of their arrival and when they leave the palace, they could conduct calculation of the years past while their stayed in this perception of time.

pear0992014-12-02 17.33.51

Solo project. Photo by Xinglin Sun and Chenyi Liao.


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