Default Language

An Sound Object Mediate Between Human and Technology


Default iOS notification sounds are familiar to all iPhone users. Sometimes those sounds alert the users even if they come from somebody else’s device, causing confusion and even anxiety, e.g. when expecting a call or a message from somebody important.

Our sound objects speak “default language”. A language known to all iPhone users. A language learned unconsciously by simply using the same type of devices.

iOS default notification sounds were mixed and transformed together to illustrate a chaotic expression of overwhelming informations we receive every day. Then we tried to create a pair of dialogue-like soundtracks which enabled the two objects we created speaking to each other using iOS default language. Experiencers can make them alive by using their hands and manipulating the objects like hand puppets.


Conceptual design and mechatronics, collaboration with Zekun Chang and Alice Czarnowska. Photo by Xinglin Sun. 

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